Info for Group

Job  Person Responsible 
FPLC Dozier
GC Wang
MiliQ water  Rashidian
HPLC Ochocki
Freezers Ochocki
Refrigerators Ochocki
Waste/Safety Officer Abate
Balances Olivier
Radiation Officer Ochocki
Computers Rashidian
Rotovaps Abate
Oil Pumps Olivier
Solvent Purifier Olivier
Fluorimeter Rashidian
Ordering Dozier
Shaker Dozier
UV/vis Kyro
Platereader Kyro
DNA synthesizer Dozier
Speedvacs Dozier
Phosphorimager Olivier
Group Publicity Rashidian
Chemical Inventory  Kyro
Group administrator Rashidian
Peptide synthesis  Mullen

Group Publicity: Maintain a database of all group publications in pdf format. Post and maintain posters and first page of publications survey in hallway.